Our Team

Meet our leadership team, ready to help facilitate your business transition into an augmented future:


Gavin Wilding | Co-Founder | President

Gavin Wilding is the founder, with a primary background in film and television production for over 23 years. With over $100 million in high profile productions to his credit, starring prominent actors such as Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Woody Harrelson, Ryan Phillippe, Brooke Shields, and Kevin Dillon, Gavin recognized the imminent transition of traditional media, to Digital several years ago.

This led to his key role in the leveraged buy out of a former George Lucas company, Kerner Studios (originally Industrial Light & Magic), a technology pioneer boasting some the most impressive feature credits of all time. Gavin was instrumental various initiatives in the Digital space, including 3D technologies and “AR” Augmented Reality development, all culminating in the creation of GPIXA DIGITAL ARTS INC.


Eric Edmeades Co-Founder Chief Creative Officer

Eric co-founded GPIXA with long-time friend and business partner, Gavin Wilding. Eric is a venture capitalist and social entrepreneur with business experience in mobile computing, hollywood special effects and medical simulator.

Eric now acts as GPIXA’s Chief Creative Officer and plays an active role in the development of marketing concepts, gaming logic and product development.


Michael S. Wilding Director of Business Development

€Michael is responsible for everything from producing sales and marketing collateral and design documents to proof reading concepts and contracts. Michael’s professional background has been  mainly focused in hospitality management. He has also taken a hand in rebranding and modernising his family’s heavy equipment business. He has completed his Bachelor of Business Administration from HIM Northwood in Switzerland and is looking forward to an entrepreneurial career.